Sell Crypto & Top-Ups

Upgrade your point of sale to
Cryptocurrency exchange point


Walledo Platform has integrations with world-top crypto-exchanges. It allows to provide the best exchange rates in real-time.

Accept Bitcoin & other top coins at 0% fee

We process crypto-payments, You just get Euro to your account


Do not worry about the technical side or Bitcoin price volatility. You receive payment in your national currency and do not interact with cryptocurrency and payment processing.

Get new customers

Be ahead of the competition and get
a loyal audience of crypto-users


Basing on the number of Bitcoin ATMs in the world, cryptocurrency adoption rate is growing twice a year.

Works Out-of-the-box

Run your POS in a few steps.
Without crypto-wallets & exchange accounts


Walledo POS is the easiest way to start accepting Bitcoin or launch your Cryptocurrency exchange business. No need to manage a lot of crypto-currency wallets or register on crypto-exchanges.

Deal respecting

Operate Cryptocurrency
the right way


Walledo Platform & Services works considering the AML / KYC / GDPR regulators policies. Contact us to learn more about operating in your jurisdiction.

Promotion is included

Your customers will find you


Your point of sale will appear on the map inside Walledo mobile app, Google maps and CoinATMradar geo-service. Promotional badges pack is included to highlight your storefront.

Technically excellent

How to start

1. Order Walledo POS

2. Create your Walledo account

3. Activate your POS & start operating

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