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Hotels, restaurants, services & street retail are joining the Crypto, one-by-one. Check if your favorite places are already in.

Everything is
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Location, currencies available, rates, sell/accept features, limits, open hours, contacts & much more.

Break the Limits

Need higher limits for Crypto-transactions? Just upload one or two documents1 and get verified account in 10 minutes2.


1. The number and type of documents may vary upon different regulations, considering local AML/KYC requirements.
2. Average review time for successfully provided documents.

More Features
coming soon

We have a lot of features to implement. Crypto-cashback & Walledo Card program. Follow us to stay in touch and get updates.

Pay in Crypto

Get ready to pay with Bitcoin, Ethereum and other crypto currencies. All the top coins are already onboard. The process is as simple as possible. Let’s get the new stage of financial freedom.

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